English camp in Kleinarl

4a and 4e
Mag. Tanja Huber, Mag. Elvira Hagen, Mag. Isabella Aspalter

Location and accomodation
From the 4th to the 8th of June 2018 we were in Kleinarl to learn English in an English camp. Kleinarl, which is 1000m above sealevel, is in Salzburg. We stayed in a hotel called Peilsteinhof. Our hotel was big but the rooms were small.

The girls hat to share the toilet an the boys had toilets in their rooms. There were three diningrooms in which we also had our English lessons. In the garden of our hotel there were bunnies, cows, goats and a cat. Outside we could play pin pong, football, basketball and jump on a trampolin. Near the hotel was also the "Jägersee".

We were in rooms with four or more bunk-beds and a bathroom. Some rooms were on the ground floor and there the outlook was not the best. But others had rooms in the first an second floor as well. The hotel offered free-Wi-Fi, but sometimes the connection was bad.

For breakfast we had a buffet with bread, cornflakes, sausage, cheese, "Nutella" and so on. For lunch we had different sorts of soups and then they served us mostly Austrian food. After that we also ate desserts likes fruits or something sweet. At 6 p.m. when it was time for dinner we had again a three-course menu. After eating we had to clean our table an we had to bring the dishes to the kitchen. Sometimes we did not like the food at all.

English lessons
At 8:30 a.m we had our first lessons in sessions of three with 10min. breaks. The lessons lasted 50min. We had three teachers: Corinne, Tom and Melanie. They were from different English speaking contries: Tom is from England, Corinne from Australia and Melanie from South Africa.
Every day we had lessons with one of them. After 50 minutes English we had a ten-minute-break. The the groups got a different teacher. With Melanie we often went outside. But the lessons were not like English lessons in school. We didn´t learn any grammar for example. We played games, sang songs and draw. In Tom´s lessons we often read texts and told the group waht it was about. Melanie´s lessons were the most fun. We liked the games, because they were really funny. We thougt that we were going to learn more English vocabulary and grammar :)

Activitis after lessons
After lunch we had about two hours freetime. Most of us went to "Spar" and bought mostly snacks, softdrinks and energydrinks. We probably tripled the income of that "Spar" in the times we were in Kleinarl. After our two hour break we mostly had an afternoon program, like on Tuesday we did a BBQ for lunch and went hiking to the "Jägersee". We walked for around one and a half hours. In the middle of our walk it started to rain in showers. It was very exhausting but at the end very beautiful to look at. The water was cold and very fresh and you were able to drink it. There also was a restaurant which was very expensive.

On Wednesdy the 6th of June, we went to the saltmine near Salzburg. We drove there by bus and it took about one hour. When we got there some of us bought souvenirs like a saltstone or some gemstones. The guide gave us protective suits which we had to wear above our regular clothes. One hour later we went into the mine. We drove down with a little train. It was quite small. The walls were very narrow. Some people almost started to panic but it was still ok. There were two slides, which brought us deeper into the saltmine. A guide showed us a lot o films about the history of the saltmine which was really interesting. Some of us licked the walls and we also crossed the border to Germany. At the end of the tour we got tiny salt sahkers. All in all it was a great experience.

The afternoon programm on Thursday changed because of the weather. Instea of doing sports we did some Graffiti which was very boring. In the evening we played a dating game called "Herzblatt" in German. And we had a disco afterwards.

Dutch peoplie arrived on Tuesday and made the stay a bit more exciting. Some were very mean in terms of politeness. They were playing very loud techno music and refused to stop it. Luckily they left after one night.

The weather was the same all of the time. It was very hot and sunny until lunchtime and at 4 o´clock it started to rain. On Wednesday it even was a bit foggy. On Friday after lunch we left for Vienna.

All in all, the trip was great fun and very exciting

(written by students from the 4e)